Loop needle

I need help on the loop needle when I get to the heal part of a sock.
I am not sure how to divide the stitches on the needles. I need help.

I think you mean are using a circular needle to do magic loop right?

Are you using a pattern? Toe up or top down? Give us much information as you can because toe up and top down are different and some patterns themselves are done a little differently.

I am using a circular needle and a pattern for socks that starts at the top. I had to go to 5 needles when I started to do the heel as I didn’t know how to incorporate the pattern in the loop needle format. After I finished the heel, I was able to go back to the loop needle. I was wondering how to divide the stitches on the loop needle and how I could pick up the stitches on the side to work the instep. I am confused. I do like working the loop needle when I am doing something circular. Thanks