Loop Fringe Question

Hi Folks,

Working on yet another “present” scarf, and just curious…

Doing the loop stitch fringe on either end:

Fringe Stitch Loop: K into front of next st, yf bet the ndls, loop yarn around your thumb, yb, k into back of same st, being careful not to pull out fringe loop; slip both newly-created sts to LH ndl, k2tog – 1 Fringe St Loop made; rep from * across to last st, k 1 (edge st).

Has anyone who may’ve used this technique been brave enough to CUT the loops? I’ve made mine 6" long (12" total in the loop), and I’m wondering if it’ll stay together through washing if I cut the ends of the loops…Do you think I’d have to tie one side of a loop with the next stitches side of a loop in order for it not to come apart?

Any thoughts?



Hasn’t anyone tried this?

Guess I’ll give it a go…with tails 6" long, I don’t think it’ll come out too easily… :wink: