Loop at end of first row

i’m very new at knitting and am having trouble getting past my first row. i can cast on fine using the double cast on method, then i can make the first row fine. however, at the end of that first row i have a good size loop that i don’t know what to do with. when i go to start my second row the loop sticks out and looks wrong. any ideas? thanks!

this is a very common question here, and an important one for folks to see occasionally. You just have to give your work a tug after you go a stitch or two into your new row. that first stitch on a new row can get loopy and just needs to be fiddled into submission. some also swear by just slipping that first stitch from your left needle to the right (assuming you’re a righty) as if you were going to knit it. they say it makes for neater edges. I have done it either way. but mostly, it just takes practice manipulating your work row to row. hope that helps! :thumbsup:

Also, sometimes when you get a definite loop at the end of a row it’s because you inadvertantly did a yarn over on the first stitch–your yarn wrapped around the shaft of the right needle as you made the first stitch. Make sure that your yarn is behind both needles when you knit, and in front of both needles when you purl.

thanks so much for the reply… i will go practice now! sorry for such a basic/common question. i sure appreciate the help. :x:

We all started in the same place with the same questions.