Looooong Fair Isle span

I would love to make a hat using this fair isle pattern:

But those are some looooong spans. Aren’t spans of more than a few stitches discouraged? Is there another way around this? What would be the best way to approach this pattern?

There is no pattern at that link.

Long spans are not recommended, however you can “catch” the yarn on the back quite easily. I learned how to do that here.

You’ll need to use Internet Explorer to view the video. It’s a worthwhile watch.
Two handed fair isle technique

i would make several small bobbins of the yarns to cover those spans. it can be crazy to try to deal with but i think i would keep you from having big long spans.

Ok, I guess what I’m trying to do is called “catching floats”? I can’t seem to find a tutorial on this that’s actually worth a darn.

Well I’ll be… that video does show how to do it quite easily. Thanks for the post!

:teehee: You’re welcome.