Loooong Sleeve Dilemma

This will show I was a bit vacant in earlier lockdown! I knitted a really simple sweater months and months ago. Finally got around to sewing it together last week. Looked good, tried it on and the sleeves would suit an orangutan. Talk about long! Question, is there any way I can unravel them from the cast on edge to save me from unpicking the whole lot? There is a garter stitch cuff then its all stocking stitch. Wait for this, I need to lose about 3 inches. Shame on me.


I’ve certainly had the opportunity to try this technique out so you’re not alone.

You could shorten to the desired length minus the cuff and then pick up sts, knit a row and continue in garter stitch for the cuff.


Wow! Thank you so much for two things. Firstly that I am not alone in this and secondly for a solution.


I’m learning so much from browsing through questions and solutions. Thank you. It’s great to know this for possibly needing in the future. It makes knitting less scary to know these things are possible.

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It worked like a charm! Thanks so much, xx