any loom knitters here
i started knitting on the knifty knitters
as bit o something else to do
didnt think that i would like it
well it is fascinating
made some scarfs and a few neck warmers
now i am making 3 three shawls on a straight board
i usually have 10 different things on the needles and i thought
that using these looms that it would put an end to that
not true
another thing about these looms i can use up the goofy yarn that i bought
youknow novelty yarn
it makes a very pretty scarf
so i have another passion
anyone else

Hi, Sylvia! I was introduced to the knifty knitter looms while I was at a knitting group. My mom bought me a tiny pink flower loom and I didn’t know what it was so I never used it until I found out how to use it on youtube. Now I have the set that comes with 4 looms. I’ve been neglecting my poor needles lately because I love knitting with the looms. I use the looms to make hats, plushies, and I even made a dress with it. What yarn weight do you use with your looms?

and thanks for the reply
i use any kind of yarn
thats the beauty of the loom
i used thin yarn and ended uo with a cowl
nice and floppy around the neck not for warmth
i made a couple of these cowls for myself
heavier yarns make warmer scarfs and shawls
you can make triangle shawls on these shawls
my husband made me 3 large straight looms
believe me you dont have to be scientist to do this
my boards are about 2 " wide and 4" deep
any lengths will do one of them is 24inches long
good afghans nails spaced just 1 1/4 apart all the way along the board
all you do is knit back and forth no turning need
these board cost about $285.00 on line
use part of the board for smaller items or make a triangle shaw
i dont like a shawl to have a sharp point
find the middle of the board and put 3 stitchs
i put on 10 stitches
all you do is make i stitch each end until wide enough and and the knit for your desired lenght
crochet around the shawl from curling
and now you have a shawl
have fun