Loom knitting slipper socks heel help

Hi I have come to a situation in making my slipper socks. The pattern says to ewrap from pegs 1-12 with the working yarn starting at peg 24. Well somehow my working yarn ended up at peg 22 what do I do? Please help

Most of the people here knit with two needles not looms so you may have to wait a bit for an answer. Sorry I can’t help!

Is everything off by two pegs or are you mssing some stitches?
Can you give us a lnk to the pattern you’re following or a pattern name?

Figured out how to fix my mistake:)

Great! Love to see the finished slippers.

Just found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e3J0fuYz-U&feature=relmfu

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