Loom Knitting and Knitting Pattern Central

Hey Ya’ll :waving:
I just got an email from Rachel (you know Rachel that runs our very favorite KNITTING PATTERN CENTRAL) and in the email she asked me if any of you guys did any “loom knitting.” I told her I didn’t know but would ask, the reason being is that she is putting in a category @ KPC for loom knitting patterns after having her mailbox full from over 60 loom knitters from a Yahoo! group begging her to do so. And Rachel being Rachel is setting up the category this weekend … SO, you Loom Knitters be on the LOOKOUT, Knitting Pattern Central will have patterns for you very soon!!
[size=6]THANKS, RACHEL…what would we do without you?![/size]

I am a loom knitter, and several people on here have asked loom-knitting questions. I think it’s a great idea! :cheering:

I’m happy to help in whatever way I can! :hug:

Now back to looking into loom knitting…

Totally ot: BECCA! I have been very MIA lately and missed your return! Very good to see you around the board :hug:

Great! I’m not a loom knitter, but I have some friends who are. I’ll pass the word along to them. :cheering:

Thanks, MDee, I’ve just been back a few days :muah: