Loom Knitted rolled bandages

Is it possible to loom knit a rolled bandage?

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Is it possible to loom knit a rolled bandage?

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We don’t have very many loom knitters here but I did find these online.

The photos give an idea of how to knit the bandages either from the short end or lengthwise. They all seem to use a rib pattern of one sort or another. If you can cast onto the loom and work back and forth it should be possible. And if you have a very large loom you could work a bandage lengthwise.

What knitting loom and yarn do I need for this practical project?

Take a look at the patterns. The yarn ranges from crochet thread to worsted weight depending on the pattern. The loom is likely one with enough pegs for either the widthwise or lengthwise bandage as you prefer.

What yarn and loom should I get from amazon?