Loom Help?


I just bought a Ashford Heddle Loom…

They send along a beautiful easy to follow little guide as to how to set up your first project…a scarf…

Thing is…it doesn’t explain further as to how to start new projects, or how to finish with anything other than tassels…

Does anyone know a good website, have some good info, or just do a broad explaination of how to finish a project (with fringe, or with no fringe)

Or on the other hand, know of a good weaving forum?


With a scarf you could do a twisted fringe
or you could do hem stitching
If I am doing tea towels I just do an extra 3/4 - 1 inch on each end and just hem it. I hope I answered your questions. I have been weaving for about 2 years now, but I am constantly learning new ways to do things.

here is a picture of a fringe twister

Thanks…I feel a bit lost…

I think my first project is going to be placemats…and I am a little uncertain how to start…but I will get through it…

did your instruction book give you the formulas to figure out how much warp to put on? How are you going to wind your warp?

I found one at this website http://www.schachtspindle.com/instructions/weaving/rigid%20heddle%20loom.htm

I was thinking to use this one…does it look right to you?

and no…it did not tell me a formula…but it did tell me how to warp…frowns


The first link you had gave the [FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=2]Warp Calculations that I was talking about. Do you know what yarn you are going to use? First you take the yarn you are going to use and wrap it around a ruler. Push the yarn together so it is just touching each other and see how many times it goes around in 1 inch. That number will determine which reed you use. If the number is 20 use your 20 dpi reed and so on. If you are using worsted it will probably be more like 6 - 8 dpi. Take this number and times it by how wide you want the scarf plus a little for take up and shrinkage. When you are winding your warp just make sure you keep your cross intack. When winding the warp on the loom put a thin stick in the roller every 1 turn to keep all the layers seprate. I have never used a rigid loom before so I was looking on the internet and came across this book I don’t know if you already know about it, but it looks like an interesting one.

This one looks like it would help a lot

Hope this helps a little.


Just thought I would add I work in inchs, but it looks like your reeds are in cm. Just thought I would let you know so you can adjust which reed you use.

I only have the one reed right now…it is a 7.5 dpi reed. I bought some Bernat super saver for my first project. It sounds like it should be about right from what you say!

So is the shrinkage based on the fabric or simply cause you are taking a project under tension to a project with no tension?

My instructions tell me to keep a thin piece of paper in the warp at the back to keep the strands separate…but I think I like your stick idea better!

I will check out those books soon…and I am getting DH to make me up a simple program that will auto calculate the warp and weft for me…based on the instructions on that web page…

So…If I am doing a placemat…and I wanted a regular fringe on the end, I could take it off the loom, then just zig zag stitch the ends?

Thank you by the way for all of this…I am feeling a bit more confident about stringing it the more I have someone to help…smiles

You add 10% for take up no matter what kind of material you are using, because once you take it off the loom and it is no longer under tension it will shrink. Plus if you are using Cotton or wool you would add another 10% for shrinkage. If you want fringe I wouldn’t zig zag it I would either do the twisted fringe or hem stitch it(you do this stitch while it is still on the loom), or you could also just take a certain number of ends and tie them in a knot.

No problem helping. I am not very good at describing things so I hope I am making myself clear. I wish I could show you rather than trying to write it. :slight_smile:

how do you hem on the loom?

Here is one link that kind of describes it

here is a video


By the way I would love to see pics of your weaving when you are done.

I will let you know when I start…I am so excited to start…but hesitant cause I don’t want to mess up…!

That and I have to get some xmas stuff out of the way first…but for sure! You are going to be the first person I run to!