looky looky what i got off ebay!!! i think i might get some more! i decided to make my booga out of this instead that other stuff. this is Debbie Bliss 100% handspun wool. do you think it will felt nice? and would make a good booga?

duh for got the picure :doh:

Ooohhh!!! I love those colors! They will make a beautiful booga! It looks like it will felt nicely…Be sure to post pics when you finish the bag!! I think I might get me some of that yarn. It is gorgeous! Off to eBay! :smiley:

love the colors- can’t wait to see how it knits up!!

Very pretty!!!

I’m so drooling right now, I’m SO jealous! My DH laughed at me and said, “oh my, you’re fiberbating the screen”, as I pet the computer monitor…I love how he’s willing to learn the lingo :roflhard:

:roflhard: :cheering: :roflhard: :cheering: :roflhard:

VERY nice haul, Carmell!! That’s gonna be a GAWGEOUS booga!

:drooling: :drooling: :drooling: :drooling: :drooling:

wow!!! thanks i didn’t expect this… ok off to do a swatch!!!

Sooooo pretty!!! (I’m wiping the drool off my chin…)

:drool: Nice!!! That ALMOST makes me want to try ebay. :thinking: SIKE!! :roflhard: Beautiful yarn anyway!!! :thumbsup:

hey there is nothing wrong with ebay!!! :thumbsup:

GREAT YARN! It will knit up beautifully. I LOVE ebay. Whenever I can’t get to a yarn shop or am feeling a little blue, I check out the yarn on ebay, it’s stored in my ebay favorites. Have to be careful though, if you know what I mean. :shock:

GIRL…that is some BEEEautiful yarn!! ANd will make a yummilicious Booga Bag :wink:

Whats a Booga? sounds interesting. :??

I :heart: that yarn though. Very nice fall colors.


This is a Booga Bag. :wink:

I used to sing that song ad nauseum April… I’m a little teapot…
I had a dance to go with it for my grandma. I like your version.

I’d also like to say a Booga is from that song booga booga booga booga booga booga (some weird punk song) but it’s not. :lol:

I am loving it. I am going to have to save that site.

I can’t see the picture, Carmell :frowning:

really… hmmm i’ll try something else