Looks like drop/run, but not?

I am working on a bag and I found a hole…I figured I had droped a stitch and not picked it up at the right place…so I took it off the needle and let it unravel past the hole. When it got there, it, err, stopped. Most drop stitches look like this:


Mine looks like this:


So there is no “chain” below the place where it looks like I have a drop stitch…what have I done and how do I fix it without knitting back 4 rounds…?

You may have accidentally increased and knit that stitch for a few rows. When you dropped it, it left the gap. If the bag is felted, I wouldn’t really worry about it. See if things even out when you tug at it a bit.

Yup, that’s exactly what happened. I realized it just after I posted. The bag is going to be felted, but I’m hesitant to go on without knitting back or ripping out, because the rest of the bag looks spectacular. I will try to space out the extra yarn in the surrounding stitches, but I may end up just knitting back. Thanks!