Looks in public

does anyone get looks while they knit in public because of where they r kntting, or what they look like? i feel like people might stare if i knit in study hall, or before a movie starts. im 16 so people might find it odd. jw!

well you have to remember that most of us are at an age that we are beyond caring or even paying attention if other people stare at us while we are knitting. there are a lot of things i did in public when i was your age that i should been a lot more embarassed about than knitting! :shock: i wouldn’t worry too much about it. if your teachers don’t care that you are knitting in study hall go for it. and maybe you can get your friends knitting with you too!

Even though knitting is second nature to us, many people have never seen anyone knitting and are curious. Most probably want to see what it is you’re doing and how the whole thing works.

I always got a few looks when I was knitting in public, mostly at high school and fewer at university. A lot of people don’t seem to have any idea what you’re doing, although I’ve had some people sit down and start a knitting-related conversation with me. Most profs didn’t mind knitting in class provided that you weren’t interrupting anyone else. I think people in movie theatres are pretty likely to stare, but the question that really matters is “do I care?”

OMG…I am an AVID KIPer! Just yesterday, I arrived at my health club about 1/2 hour early for a class, so I sat in the locker room (its a VERY nice locker room with a “lounge” area…cushy chairs & TV & all!) and knit.

I had THREE people come up to me to see what i was doing and ask me questions. I told them I was exercising my wrists. :lol:

I find that people either ask me about what Im doing, or they glance at me & keep walking.

If I can knit at a GYM, you can CERTAINLY knit in study hall!

PS…I have an “assistant” working with me for the summer who is 15. She is VERY intrigued by my knitting. She has friends who knit. She wants to learn.

Kelly…TEACH that girl!!!

Miss_knit, I think it is great that you knit at such a young age, I wish I had kept up with it when I originally learned (13). Knit wherever you are comfortable, it is a (as you know) great stress reliever, and your friends will ask you about what you are doing. Who knows, you may even teach them a few things!! Have fun!!

Hi Miss-Knit,

The strangest look I ever got was on a train when I was seven. I pulled out my knitting and a grandmotherly type ( who in retrospect was probably in her late 40s - early 50s - my age now) was very surprised that anyone my age knew how to knit. She told me it was wonderful that some of the “old fashioned” skills were still being taught. This was in the early 1960s, just before flower children and communes.

I’ll knit anywhere now. I was knitting in Ohio State stadium at my daughter’s college graduation recently.

If the authority figures - teachers, staff - don’t mind just go ahead.


lol…i am trying to figure out if i can get by with knitting at my cousin’s wedding…i am guessing prolly not but don’t think i am not trying to figure out a way… :rofling:

Graduations, yes. Meetings, usually. Movies, sports games, traveling, yes.

Weddings? Don’t think so. Reception, maybe? :wink:

Maybe if the priest blesses it first…

I think it is great that you continue to knit even it you feel people watching you! One day you be like “Heck yeah… used to knit in school and I didn’t care what people said!”

I breast fed in public…so anything else I do get (looks wise) is benign now compared to what I went through before…!!! lol

Ah…another reason to nurse (for me!!!)

They stare cuz they’re just jealous that they don’t know how to knit. Offer to teach them!

Heh, Ms. knit. I find it somewhat amusing that people give me strange looks when I knit in public. To a certain extent, it seems that it’s socially acceptable for a woman to knit, in public or out of it, but not so for a male. hmm well I’m not going to get on a soapbox here, as most of the rest of the board has already heard my rant.

Seriously though, regardless of whether your male or female, it’s odd to see somebody just knittin’ away, in public, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just be prepared to answer a few questions from those people brave enough to step forward and ask what you’re doing. :wink:

I guess I dont get the concern about knitting in public. If people look, so what? It’s not like you’re doing something shameful. You’re knitting for crissake. If people watch me when I’m knitting, I figure they’re curious or have nothing better to look at. If they look when I’m NOT knitting, that makes me nervous.

Hey, if a teen is knitting in public, way to go! Seems every generation says “what’s with teenagers these days?”, being one of the 80’s the grownups freaked out over us wanting to look like Madonna or punk rockers. I think they have it harder these days so anything they do alone or as a group that is satisfying, educational, calming, and even good for society if you’re doing it for charity, then DO IT and tthhhhpppbbbtttt to those that give ya weird looks. I’d say always ask if it’s ok if it’s a situation you may think someone would have a problem…like a teacher or lecturer, you may be doing it quietly but they may wish to know you are paying attention to them and even though you can be, eye contact tells people you most likely are… some folks are sensitive that way. I had a professor in college whose biology class was so huge, even if 20 people were missing, some would have a friend bring a mini recorder to his desk and he’d line them up, sometimes a dozen or so, he didn’t care… he got paid and it was our tuition that was being forked over, so if we couldn’t get our butts out of bed to show up, it was no skin of his nose. :roflhard:

I KIP whenever I get a chance. I take my kids to the park and knit (a lot of the kids come up and ask about it)

I take my kids to the pool in our complex (Both my neighbor and I knit) a lot of the neighbors walk by and say “What are you ladies making this week” They are all used to it by now.

I knit in the car (when I’m not driving)
I knit at work.

I used to feel funny…but with 3 kids 5 & under I take my chance to knit when I can.

Well, Ingrid, a lot of people are also self-concious about trying something new in public, or acting the fool. Though, looking over what you just said, I pretty much agree with you, except for the “if they look when I’m NOT knitting” part.

I went to my first stitch n bitch group meeting tonight (at Panera Bread), and two people came up and talked to us, one with her daughter who was 7 and learning to crochet. They both said we were inspiring! So you can meet alot of people (and impress them) KIPing!

my friends make fun of me for being a knitter all the time (and i am 34!!!) but ya know the first people asking me for stuff were those people who were teasing me. when you start having cool funfur scarves that they are all jealous of they will be begging you to make them stuff!