Looking to start knitting, few questions

I found some easy patterns to start with. My questions are:

I haven’t bought needles yet. If the patt just says knitting needles do I assume straight? I found one that actually says circular but the others don’t.

I will have more, but needed to start with needles. Oh and if it doesn’t say a size what size should I get since I’m new?

I have crocheted for many years.

I would be surprised if a pattern didn’t state which needle size to use. Knitting is the same as crochet – needle size has a great deal to do with what size an item will end up being. For just practicing it probably won’t matter too much as long as you’re using an appropriate yarn weight, but for an actual pattern you will want to be careful of needle size and gauge.

If you just want to get started practicing, I’d suggest a size 8 (US sizing) needle and a worsted weight yarn.

As far as straight vs. circular…a lot of people here knit everything with circular needles whether they are knitting in the round or not. Circular needles can be used for knitting things flat back and forth, turning the work around at the end of each row as though you were knitting with straights.

I too, have never seen a pattern that didn’t suggest a needles size. I would suggest starting with a basic scarf or dishcloth pattern, something where gauge doesn’t matter, and go with that. That way you get to learn the stitches without caring about size. As far as I have seen, knitting is very different from crochet, so I would look at is as a new skill to learn.
And yes, I think if it doesn’t specify circular needles assume they mean straight.
Good luck and welcome!

If you’re going to just practice something, like a scarf, use size 9-10 and light colored yarn. It’ll be easier to see the stitches.

I second the start with dishcloths idea - I still make disclothes when I want to learn a new stitch or try out a new pattern. I tend to use Sugar n Cream and size 9 needles…this site has all kinds of free dishcloth patterns.

Thanks! When I went back and looked the patt did say but was on part I didn’t look! I’m going to get needles tomorrow and I’ll start with a dishcloth.

Thanks again!

Hey, just a suggestion. You can get a whole set of needles off of ebay for a VERY reasonable price. I prefer bamboo but of course that is personal preference. I have two sets of straights ( different lengths ) and 2 sets of circular ( also different lengths ). I would suggest straights to start . Use the videos on this site. That is how I learned. THey are super !!!

Good luck!!