Looking to make a garment soon. It will cost SO much! >>>

I want to make a ss sweater but it seems like many of them will be nearly cost-prohibitive. (I can’t do acrylic-it makes me sweat.)

Some of the ones I’ve looked at, I’m figuring 80 dollars for a spring sweater! Yikes!

I suppose I should just focus on the love of knitting, but still…:shock:

What yarns have you looked at and have you shopped for sales? There’s knitpicks and elann.com house yarns, and littleknits.com and discontinuedbrandnameyarn.com (to name just a couple) where you can pick up brand name yarns for less.

I just ordered some yarn from littleknits last night. I’ll check out the others…

Have you seen Wicked? It’s an adorable short sleeved sweater. I priced the cost of making it with some different yarns from Little knits, and depending on the size and yarn you like, it could be made for as little as $10. I was thinking of doing it with the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that they have on sale and it would be about $15 +shipping.

You don’t have to use the same yarn as in a pattern; there’s many others that would be a suitable substitute.

Also, I understand you don’t care for acrylic, but maybe a blend? I just made a sweater out of Plymouth Encore which is a wool/acrylic blend - not expensive, can throw it in the washer and dryer, and it breaths much better then 100% acrylic does (I too find pure acrylic a little “sweaty”). There are some lovely blends out there to check out…

Knitpicks and Elann have nice blends for less… There are lots of good quality less expensive yarns out there. The members on this board are full of great suggestions, your LYS can offer suggestions, and many times the patterns themselves will have substitutions on them.

Woolease is a blend similar to the Encore and can usually be found on sale for about $2-3 for a 200 yd skein.