Looking To Decorate A Weathered Car

I just got my dad’s old car and the interior, although leather, is a little beat up. I figured some bright colors and nice designs would distract from the tears here and there, especially since the interior is a very light tan and the exterior a sandy silver.
My first thought was:

FELT LINING FOR THE CENTER CONSOLE! (which isn’t much of a center console at all… We had to pull out the old felt because a makeup container was GLUED to it)
Instead of a seat over… A car “seat blanket” for the back seat…

And for the steering wheel… Possibly some ribbons or scraps tied and braided around it over a plain cover…

It’s my first car so I am going a bit crazy… But, like all things, I like it to be uniquely mine. So here’s where the help comes in…

What are your ideas? Do you know any patterns that can help me? The most useful types of material for which projects? I know how to felt, just not how to handle the shrinking.

Thank you!

I’d like things with this type of look to it:


First of all…welcome to KH! it’s a really friendly place. :slight_smile:

Most of those rugs are rag rugs. The rag shag, you could probably make. I’m sure you probably have a million old t-shirts hanging around. Just get a latch-hook cloth, cut the shirts into strips, and latch-hook them to the cloth.

The other rag rugs, you could probably buy at wal-mart…probably for less than $10.00 ea.