Looking machine washable yarn

similar to Suri Dream does anyone know of anything?

Aren’t all “superwash” machine washable? :??

I don’t recall ever seeing a “superwash” alpaca (that would be soooo cool), but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen machine washable mohair yarns, though they may have been blends.

OMG, I just went to KP to look at suri dream again and noticed that they have some great new colors. I had seen the hand dyes (meh), but didn’t realize that had added colors to the “classic” version. Hmmm… I already have two suri dream scarves. Do I need another?

Well, you can rephrase the question to “Do I want another?”

Of course I want another, but I really should use up the other yarn in my stash…

:rofling: It’s been a long time since somebody said that seriously on these boards!

I found one! :cheering: (I know, I know, I’m spending way too much time reading KH and looking at yarn when I should be doing work.)

Here’s a fuzzy alpaca yarn which claims to be machine washable and is about the same gauge as suri dream (8 stitches per 4 inches = 2 stitches per inch): brushed alpaca. It may be prohibitively expensive depending on what you want to use it for, though. Far less yardage for far more money.

Now find a machine washable angora for me :wink: