Looking forward to trying interchangeables

So I decided it’s now or never, because the more individual sets of regular needles I buy, the less I’ll need the interchangeables / the more I will have wasted on regulars.

For my first few projects I would end up buying 2-3 sizes just so I could do gauge swatches.

And I live 75 miles from the nearest LYS (actually, it’s a craft store) or even Wal-mart or Zellers.

So I placed my order with Denise yesterday. According to that website, the closest place that sells them is 450 miles away! The shipping rates / times seemed really reasonable.

So, now I am waiting…Crossed Fingers

I received my order quite promptly and have completed a quick project (dishcloth) using them. I fell in love immediately. Now I can’t wait to use them in my next sweater project.

I use interchangeables (Options) for everything. Great eh?

I have Knit Picks interchangable and the are FABULOUS!!! Any pattern that calls for straights can be done on circulars. I use my circulars for everything.

Have fun.

Good choice. I love my Denise set. Had a set of Options, but sold them because I like Denise so much better.


And the knitter who bought them (that would be ME) …absolutely loves :heart: them!:hug: :cheering::woohoo: