Looking for

a Scandinavian Frog Closure.

I am working on the Eudora Capelet for my grandmother. I tried looking for a picture but can’t seem to find one. The cape closes with a frog closure. I thought this was great for my grandma because she is always cold and with the frog closure it would be easy on her hands to clasp. However the only Frogs I can find are braided ones with a little knot on one side of the closure that goes through a loop on the other side. I think this wouldn’t be as easy for her to work. The pattern has a picture of a realy pretty closure made of some kind of metal with a large join that fits together. (I know my description isn’t the greatest…sorry.) Anyways, does anyone have any ideas were I can find something like this?

There are some pretty ones here: http://www.mielkesfarm.com/clasps.htm

There are these, too. http://www.arnhild.com/clasps.htm

This site has some nice closures and they have magnetic ones which may be easier to work. It has some other cool stuff too.