Looking for

Hello, I am looking for a particular stitch pattern. I think it’s worked over 8 or so stitches and rows.

It entails dropping stitches or slipping stitches, I can’t remember which over 5 rows and 5 stitches. Then, the dropped stitches are gathered in a new stitch. The end result looks like a butterfly or a bow, with the gathering stitch in the middle and both ends fanning out.

Can any one help me? I had a book with this stitch many years ago, but did not keep it and am now wanting to use it.,

Thanks, Sharon

is this is:


(Sorry, doesn’t have a pic…)

This one similar, with pic.

That’s interesting Jints as I have almost the same pattern in an older book of mine but there is a pattern variation and it seems to lead to the ‘wings’ being upward :slight_smile: It’s a pretty pattern and clearer on the yarn used in your image than on the slightly fluffy yarn used in the image in my book.

Amy, How did I miss that site! Thanks for the link, I have never been there before.

YES!! I looked at patterns for the butterfly, guess I just did not see it. Brain fog rules!! Thanks, I’ve been wanting to find this for some years now.