Looking for

A simple cardigan or pullover pattern that’s free.

I’ve been searching KPC with no luck tonight. I want to use up my yarn after I knit Tubey.

I’d like something quick too.

Sorry for seeming pushy. :teehee: :muah:

There’s always the Incredible Custom Raglan Sweater pattern that has options for v-neck, crew neck, cardigan, etc., and all to your own measurements.

Something for you or for a child?

Ohh that’s pretty neat! Thank you! :happydance:

For me. After I’m done knitting the next sweater I’ll be doing, I’ll work on one for my niece. I already have one in mind though.

Any other ideas? :shrug:

Are you looking for a full size cardigan or pullover? I mean…not a shrug? I’m not up on what kids your age are wearing. :??


Oooo I might knit Otis next!

Thanks Jan! :hug:

the eiffel one is cute. i’m almost sure my parents would’nt approve of the holes in the stomach area, though :teehee: . i would probably just put the holes in the sleeves

You’re welcome! I figured Knitty might have something appropriate. :teehee: