Looking for yarn

I am knitting a neck warmer with Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille yarn in color Lacquer # 9784. I am going to need another skein In order to finish it. I found the yarn on a website called yarnies.com and ordered it. Someone named Cher who is a member of Ravelry owns the website. I paid for it with my Visa card and got a strange looking receipt that didn’t look right. I got no other receipt. I have been sending email right and left asking for a receipt or a refund. I even notified my credit card company and told them to be on the lookout for more charges from this site.

I went ahead and started knitting the neck warmer before I knew this would happen. So now I have a dilemma. I need more yarn.

Does anybody know where I could find Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille in the color Lacquer #9784? Anywhere other than the usual places because I’ve checked all the well known ones?


Have you tried this source on Rav that has some to sell?

Even those who say “not for sale” may be willing to sell one skein. Not for sale is the default setting and many forget to change it.

Tried it but got no reply.

try Crystal Palace website.

I did. That color is apparently discontinued. I just decided not to use the yarn for the project. Frog-frog-frog and then started over with a better yarn.