Looking for yarn...?

I found a stunning pullover sweater online, Knitting Pure and Simple.
It’s a top down Trapeze Pullover and it seems to have the drape I’m looking for.
It says to buy dk or very light worsted weight… and that the gauge is 18 stitches - 4"
But it also says to use size 8 (US) and size 6 (US) as needle size.
Using the larger needles in st st., 18 sts - 4". This is a loose gauge, but it is necessary for drape.[/COLOR]
So, what is your advice. I was looking for dk yarn but the lys where I went to buy the yarn… didn’t have the medium blue I was looking for, didn’t have any colour in the dk yarn and also advised me to get the yarn that is 22 sts = 4"
I’m really loathe to do this…
What can you advise me?
Thanks for your trouble and your time…
I’m intent on making this sweater from something good, not the poor yarn I’ve been using up to now that pills itself to death before you even get the sweater finished… :slight_smile:

That’s a fairly loose gauge for a dk on size 8s, but the pattern does say it should be looser than usual, so any dk ought to work out fine.

Is this the one you’re talking about: http://knittingpureandsimple.com/products-page/newest-patterns/128-top-down-trapeze-pullover/

If so, the blah-blah at top says that the dk weight yarn (knit to recommended gauge) is what gives this pullover its drape, so . . . it sounds like the specified yarn in [I]that[/I] gauge is pretty important to the overall look.

With that said, you can try swatching up some heavier yarns and see if you get the drape you want. But it seems to me you’d also have to knit a swatch of the [U]recommended yarn[/U] to have something realistic to compare it to. :shrug:

If it were me, I’d stick with the recommended yarn because the drape is vital to how this pullover looks and behaves. If you’re going to splurge on the yarn, I say get the best one you can–the one called for in the pattern.

Why are you loathe to do that? DK yarn is about 22 st over 4 inches so the LYS is correct. The larger needle will give you the larger gauge. Thats why the pattern suggests both DK and a larger needle for the drape. I would look for a DK you like since that is the suggested weight.

I suppose I am worried about using something that is not recommended in the pattern and it turning out larger than I need. I have been looking for dk yarn… so far, not much to be seen in either the LYS or at Michael’s.
Am I worrying about nothing? Are you saying it doesn’t matter if I used 22 or 18 to get 4" on the gauge?
It’s such a lovely sweater to look at…I’m sure the drape is also arrived by the type of dk that they used as well…
I’ve been knitting for quite a while now but this is the first time I will be using a thinner yarn for a whole sweater… but that is what I want.
I guess I’m looking for some kind of guarantee that it will come out right.
Of course, I am going to knit a swatch but how will I know if I purchased the right yarn until I do make a swatch. I’d have to buy the yarn first so I can swatch it, wouldn’t I?
In confusion… TEMA :??

I think to get the yarn you want, you’ll probably end up ordering online. Do you want wool or synthetic, a blend? You might make that decision then ask for recommendations.

If you want the same drape use a DK yarn. The yarn suggested is a DK.

Here it is and you can see that it also is 22 stitches over 4 inches. Whenever you use a different yarn you want to use the same gauge as the yarn suggested. The pattern gauge is different in this case because of the needle size.


I suppose I am worried about using something that is not recommended in the pattern and it turning out larger than I need.

But the pattern does recommend a dk weight yarn and that usually has a label gauge of 22 sts per 4" on size 6s. The pattern has a looser gauge because it’s knit on size 8s, though you may have to go to 9s. It doesn’t matter what dk yarn you use, just match the gauge. This pattern is sure to be on ravelry and you can use the yarn ideas tab to see what yarns were used, or click through some of the projects.

If you were to find a yarn that says 18 sts per 4" on the label, that’s a much heavier yarn and would be heavier and stiffer than the pattern calls for. So use a dk weight and the needles you need to match the pattern to get the same results.

Hi All,
Thanks for all the help; I was feeling totally confused by the whole thing…
What I’ve done now is I’ve bot my yarn online from KnitPicks and am now waiting for it’s arrival. I will knit a swatch first and see how it is with my tension and see if I need a different size needle to achieve the lovely loose knit that this pattern calls for.
I know I sounded like a bit of a knit-wit but… that seems to be the norm for me these days. Thank you so much for your patience in answering my questions.