looking for yarn

Hello, I am new to the group, and hope you can help.
I am looking for yarn similar to Bernat
Baby Jacquards in color Rosebud. I know it’s been
discontinued, but somewhere I read about another
company that is making yarn close to this type.
I loved the wonderful pattern the yarn made when
knitted up, but of COURSE it’s been discontinued now
If anyone knows where to find the other yarn please
let me know.

Welcome to KH!
You might try Ravelry for the yarn in Rosebud. Even though some list it as “not for sale” you could inquire. That’s the default setting and some don’t change it.

The only other possibility I can think of is Sirdar Crofter which comes in DK.

Thank you so much. I found something similar, but now can’t find it again.
Oh well, will check out Ravelry and keep looking