Looking for Yarn Suggestions for Baby Blanket

I’m a beginner knitter about to start a simple garter stitch baby blanket. I planned on using Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran but read that it doesn’t wear well and pills very easily. Any suggestions for another soft, durable, machine washable yarn for a baby blanket?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Is this blanket going to be one that you want used or is it one that is going to be for special things? If it is the former I would look into something that was super washable yet soft. Woolease or even Cottonease are good choices. Don’t discount some of the acrylic baby yarns. Those are super washable for use with baby blankets (she says from experience). Some of the baby yarns knit with two strands over larger needles will knit up quickly and be soft and washable. I’m not a big fan of man made fibers but when it comes to babies and kids it has GOT to be washable! :slight_smile:

Bernat Softee Baby is my favorite choice for baby stuff. Lots of colors and incredibly soft…and also washable.