Looking for yarn suggestions for a sweater

I’m about to start my first sweater - which has been my ultimate goal since I started knitting in August… of course lace got in the way and stole my heart, but that’s a story for another time…

So here I am… getting myself all prepared for taking on the challenge of the Brigade pullover by Todd Gocken. The idea of buying 1500 yards of yarn for a huuuuuge project is really intimidating me. Combine that with my love of natural fibers and my extreme dislike of itchy yarn… and yeah… I’m at a loss.

So it suggests Cascade 220 which I’ve used a few times in the past and it’s fine to knit with, but I can’t stand having it on my skin for longer than 5 minutes… which could present a problem while trying to wear a sweater made from it in public.

I LOVE LOVE Malabrigo, but the worsted just pills WAAAAAAAAY too much for a sweater, and using the Twist (which is, in my opinion, barely larger than worsted) pretty much doubles the price (so from about $80 up to $160… yikes!).

So I present you fabulous people with my dilemma… I’d prefer to stick with a natural fiber that I can purchase from my LYS (if possible) that will last a long time, and will also be wearable. I’ve thought about an Alpaca blend, but I’m worried that the ‘fuzz’ of the Alpaca will make me less inclined to actually wear the sweater.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions! :o)

Hi Evan!

First let me say this: WOW! I love love love the pattern!
It will be DYNAMITE on YOU! Perfect!

So am I correct in assuming that you can’t wear Cascade 220 for very long due to the ‘itch factor’?? Wool makes you itch?

And I concur with you about Malabrigo! It would look horrendous after about a month. And since this pattern presents a lot of st st for the front and back…the pills would look awful! So let’s stay away from Malabrigo for this pattern!

Can you wear Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed? It’s also available as JoSharp Silkroad DK Tweed, which I’ve used twice. Once for me, and once for my brother. Neither sweater has pilled a lot (just a teeeensy at the outset)…but the subtle tweed does ‘mask’ any itsy bitsy pills. After a bit, the pilling gets over itself. Anyway, I highly recommend this yarn. It is a natural fiber, being 85% Wool, 10% Silk & 5% Cashmere. Very soft, but not too soft that pilling in uncontrollable.

It is a very subtle tweed, not “out there” as some tweeds can be.

Anyway, right now I googled the yarn…and Webs is out, and Jimmy Beans is out, and Woodland Woolworks is out…but, take heart. I’m sure someone has it! And I’m sure your LYS can order it for you!

I’m a big fan of KnitPicks City Tweed! They offer a dk weight, and an aran weight. FABULOUS COLORS and I’m a City Tweed addict! Here is a coat that I knit for my daughter, using “Orca”:

Best wishes on your YARN HUNT! Your sweater will be awesome, and easy, too!
You definitely have the skills to breeze through it! :thumbsup:

That sweater is amazing! I want it! anyway, I like Berroco Peruvia. I am almost finished knitting a mens sweater for myself in it. It doesn’t seem to pill at all.

Heres the shade card: http://berroco.com/shade_cards/peruvia_sh.html

Great looking project. Have you thought about a Cotton Bamboo blend? I find even medium wools somewhat uncomfortable and LOVE my cotton sweaters.
Alternatively you might find some Merino or Rambouillet handspun available by the pound on Etsy or Artfire or even Ebay.
I like to handle EVERYTHING before I purchase so jumping in with both feet in that regards for a sweater’s worth I find rather gutsy. BUT No guts no glory! So I’m ordering some roving now online and I’m about to attempt to spin my own for my sweater needs. Keep us posted on what choice you make for your project!