Looking for yarn recommendation

Hi there,

I am planning to do this project, but I am not sure what type/weight of yarn to use. I need to find something light and comfy, off course can keep me warm too. :slight_smile:

I need to make sure I do not order it too many or too less if I plan to order it online.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance



Hi snoop funny i just looked at the pattern to see what yarn they used and it happened to be my faborite “caron” with the excrption that i can not work in wool, i’m allergic. I use caron for 90% of my projects but in acylic . I like this brand because they hsve a large variety of colors. If you look under thr discussions for. "A jewel of a shawl " which is a picture of a shawl that i am working on you can see some of the colors. Good luck! Let us know what you decide. By the way, it is a nice looking scarf.

hi Trisha,
Your project look beautiful and colorful. May I know where did you buy the yarn, and what is the size or weight?

What kind of yarn do you like? Wool? Acrylic? Wool/acrylic blend? You could use just about any worsted weight yarn. Check out the project pages on Ravelry for ideas. I have some Perfection Worsted in Autumn Drift saying, “Oh, I think I could be that!” The yarn in the picture is pretty; when I got mine (that’s not mine) and saw it I was blown away. It’s much, much prettier. Thanks for the pattern link.


I am not yarn expert. I am just looking for something that is light and can fit into this project. :grinning:
Where did you get the Perfection yarn? Can I find it at Joaan or Michael store?

I am thinking of using…

Do you know what is the different the below link and above one?

i think i will go with this yarn. Let me know if there is any concern. HAHA

I like Plymouth Encore. It’s a bit smaller gauge (18-20sts/4") than the Caron Country (16sts/4"). But working a swatch at your tension should help you figure out if it’ll work.
Here’s the YarnSub page. It’s agood site for future reference.

I got my Perfection yarn from yarnoutlet.com but the site isn’t up today, I’ve tried several times. I hope they’re not out of business or something.

Hi Salmonmac

Speaking of swatch, I hope you can enlighten me.
I am never good at it and really not understand how it really work. I always try to skip that part because I find wasting my time.

The pattern swatch is 16st x 24rows=4x4 inch.

Since I am using the Plymouth Encore, is that mean I need to use larger needle than it recommend and make the swatch same as the pattern asked?
Do I need to CO 16 only and exact 24 rows?

The tension or gauge you get depends on how tightly or loosely you knit. For many things it isn’t critical (blankets, scarves). Cast on 20-22sts so that you can measure the gauge over the middle 4". The edge sts are smaller so avoid counting them. Since you’re changing yarn weight it’s probably a good idea.
Yes, you may need larger needles for the Encore. See if you like the knit fabric of your swatch.

The yarn recommended for this project is long gone, discontinued about 3 or 4 years ago, I loved it. There is a website online called yarn sub, you can plug in just about any yarn by name and it will find the most suitable matches to the yarn you are looking for.

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I finally got my yarn and did the gauge test and thought I got it right. But after I tried and knit up to 8 rows, the width I get is about 10.5 inch, about 3 inch more than what the lady’s said. Now, am not sure what I need to do.

The gauge I have with my yawn is 4.5sts per inch., and using needle size 7.

The gauge of the yawn she is using is 24rows x 16sts (4"x4"), Needles size 9.

So, I thought mine only have 0.5sts extra and it shouldn’t be a big issue.

First I thought the yawn she used is worsted, so I ordered worsted type. Now, it seem totally not right. :frowning:

Please help this stupid knitter.

Not stupid at all. These are the struggles with gauge that we all experience. At 4sts/inch and 47sts cast on the scarf is about 12 inches wide. At your gauge, 4.5sts/inch, that’s about 10.5 inches wide. Of course the pattern stitch may change these total measurements but the comparison is close. Is the gauge knit in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row)?

Easiest thing to do is go up a needle size to a size 8. Yes, the recommended needle size may be a 7 but you may knit more tightly and your yarn is not the same as that used in the pattern. See if you like the feel of the knit fabric on the #8 needles and see what gauge you get. Remember to measure gauge over the middle 4 inches of your swatch.

I am using stockinette sts on my gauge., and I only did 14 sts (include 2sts for both side border). Then I measure the middle. Did I do it corrrect?

According to the blog, the lady’s finished project is about 7 inch wide.
Won’t it make my scarf’s width wider if I go up a needle size (from size 7 to 8) ?

Stockinette is fine. The pattern stitch with cables is going to pull that measurement in but for purposes of gauge, use stockinette since the gauge isn’t specified.
You might cast on more like 22sts so you can measure over 4 inches but measuring over 2 inches (especially for a scarf) is OK.
I didn’t see the final measurement in the blog but I didn’t read all of the comments. The first 8 rows really haven’t started the cable pattern yet. I’d keep going and see what width you get as you work the cables.

I am using needle 6 right now and see how it goes. The gauge I have now is 5 sts per inch.
So, the total 47 sts should have around 9 inch wide. But after knitting up to row 15, the width now is about 7 inch.
I am wondering if the width will get smaller and smaller as I continue up the pattern. Just want to know so I can try to fix it before I get too far.

In the mean time, I also have problem with the scarf pattern:

  1. P9, K1, P1, K9, P7 tog, K9, P1, K1, P9
    (total sts I have here is 41 sts)
  2. K9, P1, K1, P9, m1, yo, K1, yo, m1, P9, K1, P1, K9
    (total sts I have here is 45 sts)
  3. P9, K1, P1, K9, P2 [P1, yo, P1] in next stitch, P2, K9, P1, K1, P9
    (Not sure. If my first 2 rows total sts are correct, but when come to this row, assume I did right on the P1,yo,P1 on sts, then I cannot tally the rest of the sts. :frowning:

Please HELP

Yes, the totals for rows 9 and 10 are correct. Row 11 brings you back to 47sts. The [P1, yo, P1] in the next stitch is an increase of 2sts.
The width won’t continue to get smaller. It looks like rows 9 and 10 in the repeat are the only smaller rows and the rest maintain 47sts.

I am uncertain the knitting on Row 10 and Row 11.

Here is what I did on Row 10 == m1, yo, K1, yo, m1

  1. lift the bar and put to left needle, and knit through the back loop.
  2. move the yarn to front
  3. knit the next new sts
  4. move the yarn to front
  5. lift the bar and put it to left needle, and knit through the back loop.

When come to Row 11 == P2 [P1, yo, P1] in next stitch
As you can see the picture below , after I did the P2 and gettting ready into [P1, yo, P1] in next stitch.
I believe the [P1, yo, P1] is done in one sts. (here is where I learned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef7plyh0YnY)
And you can see the next strand kind hanging there and I am not sure what cause that…
If I purl that sts and continue, then I am getting extra one sts and not sure what to do.


OK, what you did for row 10 is fine. Is the photo row 11?
If s row 11, your ?- is pointing to a yarn over from the row below. That’s correct. It’s the first yo of the m1, yo, K1, yo, m1 sts.
On row 11 the [P1, yo, P1] goes into the middle K1 of the m1, yo, K1, yo, m1 in row 10.

Hi Salmonmac,

I really do not understand how to do the Row 11 if my row 10 is correct.

Here is the :.
Row 11: P9, K1, P1, K9, P2 [P1, yo, P1] in next stitch, P2, K9, P1, K1, P9

I really do not understand what the bolded area trying to say and how to really do it.

This is what I am doing it, and you can see the above picture I sent earlier where I stopped at the first P2 and going into P1,yo,P1 in next stitch.

If I knitted [P1, yo, P1] on the sts next to the (’?’) sts, then what should I do with the (’?’) sts.?
And that (’?’) make my Row 11 doesn’t add because I have one extra sts.