Looking for valentines ideas!

I am looking for a easy toy pattern for the kids on my bus. it would have to be both for boys and girls. I have already have hearts and would like something else for them.

Thank you very much
marisol:cheering: :knitting:

How many kids are we talking here?

Cute mouse and you could put a heart on it’s chest.

Finger puppets



Oh my gosh Jan, those are adorable! Thanks for sharing them!

Love those links Jan. Here’s another one for a finger puppet:


OMG! Those puppy puppets are so cute!

I’m making a bunch of these:

Mochimochi land hearts

Jan: that mouse is so cute ur right i could but the heart zkimom is making. Thank you so much. i will get started just have to make a handful give or take and this are good for both girls and boys. I will try to remenber to post a picture when am done with them.

thank you