Looking for V pattern of hat and booties to match

I recently made this baby blanket. I thought it would be nice to also knit matching cardigan and booties but can’t find a pattern. image Has anyone had success in doing so? I’m not sure what this stitch is really called.

Mmmm, gorgeous baby blanket!

@OffJumpsJack and @Snowfleas may be able to help with the stitch pattern.

I found this blanket pattern website.

Here is the video instructions

Perhaps they have a cardigan or hat pattern to go with?


Its really pretty.

Could this be it?

If you click on your image you can search the web for similar images which comes up with loads of blankets but also loads of cardigans, hats to.
Have you tried this? I think if you were able to see all the available images you might just spot the one that matches your blanket.