Looking for toddler sweater in the round!

I’ve been looking everywhere for a toddler pattern in the round. I hate, hate, HATE seaming (and I’m not very good at it :frowning: lol). Is there a way to convert a pattern? I’m still somewhat new at knitting, and I’m not very confident yet.

I really like this pattern:


…but I don’t want the hood either.

I’m completely in love with this sweater:


…but it’s adult sizes. My daughter is a 3T/4T. Is there a way to “shrink” this to fit her??

Thank you guys so much!! (Can you tell that I’m really new at this??)

I haven’t been able to put my finger on a free one yet, but if you can find a top down raglan sweater, they’re generally seamless. I have several books with them, but you can try to look through www.knittingpatterncentral.com for a free one.

http://www.thekingspottery.com/boogie_lilsis.htm might be close to what you’re looking for, although you’d have to fudge the part for the buttons. Most of the raglan things I found on KPC had buttons, and it didn’t seem like you wanted buttons.
You could always try to work out the math for the peace and love sweaters, but those have seams.

You can generate a top-down raglan sweater based on your child’s measurements/your yarn and gauge here: http://www.knittingfool.com/pages/topdown.cfm

That said, it’s quite simple to convert a sweater pattern from flat to in-the-round…just cast on the front and back stitches all together and knit in the round until you get to the armholes. Then you’ll need to knit the front and back separately (for armhole/neck shaping). Join the shoulder seams with three-needle bind off…then pick up the sleeve stitches around the armhole openings, and knit them in the round all the way to the cuffs. Voila! A sweater with no seaming! :smiley:

Wow! Thanks for all of your quick replies!

Ingrid: I’m not completely against seaming. I guess I should have clarified myself - I’m against side seams. I don’t knit straight enough sides to make it look pretty when I seam them. LOL! Thanks for the link!

tab: That sweater is super cute. I really like it. Surely I can “fudge” around the buttons. That can’t be too hard, right? I just have to make it a little bigger since the pattern only goes up to 12 months. How would I go about doing the math to make the pattern small enough to fit my daughter? I think I want to try it, but do what Julie suggested and make it in-the-round.

Julie: I thought that all you had to do was just join everything together, but I thought it sounded a little too easy to be true… :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips!!

And to avoid being handicapped by lack of seaming abilities, do yourself a HUGE favor and learn Mattress Stitch for side seams and Three needle bind-off for shoulder seams. It has made all the difference in my knitting and I don’t know if I’d bother with sweaters without them.