Looking for toddler (little girl) long sleeve shrug

Hi everyone…searched Hi and Low for a little girl’s (6years old) long sleeve “shrug”…found and started this one
http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=34257.0 but the instructions are way to vague for me…got down to fr left and got totally lost, so ripit ripit…any ideas? Thanks alot


Here are some sites that might have something.


Yea, that’s what I’m talking about!!! Thanks :hug: O.k. checked everyone one of these:zombie: all I want is a simple all one peice long sleeved very short in length no buttons shrug for a small 36lb little girl…Throw me a bone please…I can not for the life of me “design” my own:frog: :oops:


OK, how do you like the shape of this one in general? I realize it will be too big.

But it is basically a rectangle. Have your daughter stand up with her arms out straight side to side. Measure wrist to wrist, going across her back. That’s how long you need to make the rectangle. They do have some increases along the sides, which you can do or not. If you want the increases, yu might want to increase every 6 rows instead of their 10 rows. When you get to the halfway point or center of her back, start decreasing down to he original number you cast on. The pattern is starting out by casting on 25 - you will probably need fewer. Measure around your daughter’s wrist, add a few sitches and cast on that many. This will depend on the guage of the yarn you are using.

Hope this makes sense - it is so clear in my head, maybe not so on paper!

:hug: I love “chicks with sticks” they are sooo creative…thanks for being on the same “page” as me…I am gonna give this a shot:muah: thanks Cheley

What do you think of this?

Wow, so glad I just checked in…after several attempts at the pattern I posted above…it’s just not coming out…This one you have is real close, except I need the fronts to come together alittle more…I think everyone refers to this garment as a “bolero” ? Kinda like a cardigan, but with no closure or buttons, just a Lt and Rt side…also, I don’t want to seam so something done in one peice.I’m I asking too much:aww: Thanks