Looking for this NY Yarns pattern

Help, please.

I’ve not had any luck finding the child’s cardigan & hat pattern by NY Yarns at this link:

It was featured in a magazine recently. I checked with the company, but can’t order directly from their site. I don’t live near any retailers for company in my state, and when contacting them by phone, they don’t carry this particular yarn or booklet.

Yesterday, I contacted an online shop who carries the yarn and got an email today that this booklet is out of print.

Do any of you happen to have this pattern? I know it’s very basic and could easily be adapted from other patterns. I just happened to want this particular one.

What to do . . . :??


You might want to do a search for it on ebay, maybe someone has one to sell you?

I have had this trouble recently with a yarn that was featured in Vogue Knitting, just 6 months ago. I went to order the yarn for a hoodie pattern and the yarn isn’t made anymore. Why would a magazine feature something like that! It’s so frustrating!


Thanks for the ebay suggestion – I’ll try it.