Looking for these St patterns: MOIRE, DIAMOND DROP, PEBBLE ST etc

I found a lovely beach bag pattern. But the pattern only says the name of the stitches to be used and didn’t describe it. The stitches are: MOIRE STITCH PATTERN, DIAMOND DROP PATTERN, PEBBLE STITCH PATTERN, CROCUS BUDS PATTERN, and KNOTTED OPENWORK PATTERN. I searched the net already but didn’t get any. Please help me…

I have a book with 550 stitch patterns and none of the stitches you mentioned are in the book. Sorry…There are many diamond designs but not the diamond drop.


Sometimes a pattern designer will come up with their own name for a stitch pattern that’s known by another. So it may be that they have other names.

I found some of them:





www.knittingfool.com has lots of stitches, too.

Moire stitch is: slip one knit wise (sl 1 kw), knit 1 (k1), yarn over (yo), pass slip stitch over k1 and yo. It is a beautiful contemporary stitch useful to break up a series of stockinette rows.

I’ve never heard of them and am not finding them either. Lion brand yarn does have a stitch library. I’m not finding them there either, but other knitters on this forum might find these interesting if you’re trying to find something nice for a new project. These are stitch patterns, lace, and cables for both knitting and crochet.