Looking for "The Principles of Knitting" book

Hello fellow knitters,

As a new knitter without a home yarn shop, I need good reference books. I am interested in a used copy of “The Principles of Knitting” by Hiatt (1989?).

Thank you,
ms penny

Hi Mspenny,

Principles of Knitting is a pretty rare book. You can try Amazon Marketplace, eBay or Abebooks. Amy (who made this website) got a copy back in 2004 and it cost around $350, and that was considered a really good price.

WOW!!! Wonder how much it cost when it was brand new???

Just so you know, I got a copy from our local library through Interlibrary loan and it only cost me $1.00. I would recommend going that route first, just to see if you’d really use it, before shelling out the major bucks.

Just a thought!!!

If you’re still interested in purchasing this book, there is currently a copy for sale on eBay … click hereto check out the auction page.

As Sheldon had mentioned, it is rather rare and the price reflects that … the asking price at the moment for the copy I linked to above is $225 USD.

I would probably suggest following KnitCindy’s advice and checking to see if you can get a copy through your local library first to make sure that you really want to spend that kind of money on it!

I bought it new at a discount bookstore in PA for $14.95. The regular price was $19.95, I think.

About 3 years ago when I was really broke I took a long hard look at it and decided the money was more important than the book - especially when I rarely used it and when the local library had a copy of it. So I put it on eBay - and got about $225 for it.

Selling it turned out to be the right decision for me; I really don’t miss it. But I do wish it would come back into print, just for the reason given in the first post here. IMHO, it is the definitive guide to knitting. (When I was writing the auction post, just to give people an idea of what was in it I counted the number of different cast-on methods it had. There were 32. Hiatt really put a lot of effort into that book.)


Hi Everyone,
I was just at Amazon.com and the Principles of Knitting book is available for a pre-order for $45.00. It is being reprinted and due out in November of this year. Yippy! Just ordered mine.

Take care,

As a matter of fact I saw this week that Amazon is taking orders for a new release of the book for about $30.00. It’s due out in Nov. this year. It’s a great deal as used older copies are over 10 times that much.

Ditto to Arlene’s comment, heard the same thing from a yarn shop owner here in Minnneapolis. Will have to check this out.

POK was republished and has a lot more information in the new edition, I believe it is around $28.00, you can get the older edition used starting at $14.70 from Amazon.com/books if they still have some, but it stated they about 40 or so. I bought mine when they were no longer available and paid $125 at a book seller on the net.

Me again, yes they definitely have 50 used POK in stock at Amazon, they even have 2 Collectibles at $95, second Ouch.