Looking for the perfect pattern!

Hi to all,

Am I the only obbsessed knitter who stalks the “perfect pattern” like a hungry wolf!? :rollseyes:

I have looked High and low for the perfect “1ST” lace scarf pattern. I tried two so far and neither really spoke to me…so the hunt continues.

I looked at knitpicks.com, and came a cross a picture~next to the shimmer lace yarn. It has evenly spaced holes . Anyone know what this pattern is called and or identify the stitch pattern. I’m kinda stuck on this pattern now, I just know it’s the one and only :inlove: !!

:rofling: If I spent as much time knitting as I do looking for the “perfect pattern” I would be some productive knitter!

Any help with hooking me up with my dream pattern would be much appreciated!

I think thismay be it:

Yay! I have that book… Why didn’t I recognize it? Once again, way to go KK!!!
I too obsessively look up patterns. I have also found a funny quirk about myself. I may see a pattern and the “eh” but then when someone raves about it, I take a 2nd look, and realized "Hey! :shock: "

But, do you ever feel like the picture in your mind’s eye about something you wanna knit is never in any book? I’ve got to get good at this craft so I can make my own patterns…

:shock: That scarf is a last minuet gift :shock:

Sure! It looks like just a bunch of YOs and k2togs to me…

If you are referring to the to the picture of lace work that shows off the coloring of the lace under the hank…that is eyelet lace (if this is to what you are referring let me know & I will give u the lace pattern :wink: ).
If you are referring to the ‘airy scarf’ (pretty, daity pink neck scarf) that was my 1st one, too; and there is no name for that lace pattern, it was designed by someone for the book.

okay, I decided to just post the Eyelet Lace pattern; just in case you are talking about the ‘gauge’ swatch under the hank :wink: .
Multiple of 6 + 2
Row 1 (RS): K1, YO, *K2tog tbl, K2, K2tog, YO; rep from * to last st, K1.
Row 2 (WS): K1, P5,*p f&b, P4; rep from * to last 2 sts, P1, K1.
Row 3: K2, *K2tog, YO, K2tog tbl, K2; rep from * to end.
row 4: K1, P2, p f&b, P4; rep fromto last 4 sts, p f&b , P2, K1
Rep these 4 rows.
Hope that helps :smiley:

Thanks for the prowling!!

I hadn’t seen the pink airy scarf~ very nice! I like that book too. I’m always torn between getting a knitting book or yarn~~yarn always wins! So…I have few books :frowning:

The pattern used for the Shimmer (alpaca /silk blend) “Turquoise Splendor” (I have this yarn in mist & turquoise) is the one that I’m foaming over!

:lol: :heart: ***[color=violet]totally off subject[/color]~~~thinking of turqoise reminded me of a discussion I had with a 5 year old yesterday. I asked her what color she wanted the fairies’ dress to be (I’m a mural artist and am painting her room) She said that she thought [color=violet]turqoise[/color] would be the perfect color!! :roflhard: GOSH! I don’t remember knowing anything but the primary colors at that age! 5 year olds (these days) are very sophisticated and know what they like!!
(as you may have guessed she now has a beautiful “turquoise” fairy


Forgive me, knitbebe, but you have me so lost. Are you referring to the Elizabeth Zimmerman “Pie Are Square” shawl because this and the lace gauge sample that is done in the Turquoise Splendor are the only 2 that I find. If it’s the gauge swatch; that was the eyelet lace, but if it’s EZ’s shawl that is in a book…sorry.
Now you have me very curious; which one, exactly are you talking about. I’m asking because I’m afraid I have a habit at looking directly at something obvious and never even seeing it…lol! (I would say this comes with age; but I’ve always done that :wink: ).
So…Please :pray: please, tell me which one you mean…exactly…like I’m 2…lol!

Thanks to all for your help! This is an amazing board :thumbsup:

Rebecca, that is the one!! yeepeeeeeee :happydance: :happydance:

I’m going to start giving the swatch a try~~~& because I love it–I know I’ll keep working at it until I get it right! ***I am so ready to knit! :XX: But, :frowning: it’s time for bed. I’m putting the little man (2 yr. old) to bed early tomorrow night so I can start knitting.

Thanks Again,

OmyGoodness; you have a 2 yr old?! What size socks does he wear? I think I am going to knit some for my 2 yr old granddaughter (100’s of miles away) to match the sundress & poncho…but I need a size…thanks
You are very welcome for the st. pattern :wink:

I’m so impressed that you have knit a poncho & sundress! My little guy is whopping big!~ he’s 40 lbs. & 32 iches tall…so, I don’t know if I can help you with size?? He wears a size 7 wide, shoe. Maybe you could buy a pair sized for a 2yr. old and measure them for your size.

I bet there is some size chart somewhere on the internet?

Anyone know of one?

I’m going to search now and see what I come up with.

:smiley: As you can imagine the little guy keeps me busy~~~and rarely get that moment to knit. but, well worth the sacrifice. My husband and I were married 15 years before we had him :shock: :heart: :heart: so we’re loving every moment!

Thanks Again