Looking for that perfect sweater?

Oh man… it boggles the mind. :zombie:



Gee thanks, Jan >_>

I saw the OH GOD SAVE ME FROM THE CHRISTMAS CHEER sweaters and puked in my mouth a little.

My teacher in the 3rd grade made it a point to wear her overly festive sweater vests to class D: represses memories


Oh man, now I wish I had taken a pic of me wearing this HIDEOUS Christmas sweater vest my grandma had…My mom and I laughed so hard…It was navy blue and had Santas and snowmen and Christmas trees all over it, along with a variety of colored sequins! Part of what made it so hilarious is all the tattoos running up my arms and my face piercings, wearing that awful “grandma” sweater!! We ended up giving to Salvation Army…lol

I bet those are really popular with all the ugly Christmas sweater themed parties going on!!!

Someone gave me two “overly festive” Christmas sweaters one year…I kinda liked them, but my grown daughters confiscated them and gave them to a really elderly lady instead. She loved them!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yikes! What to give someone you don’t like!

I thought that’s what fruit cake is for? It sends a message.Like mobsters and cigar cutters.

My boyfriend wanted to point out that a lot of those sweaters say “sold” under them. bull body cringe

From High Fidelity the movie:

Barry: Rob, I’m telling you this for your own good, that’s the worst ****in’ sweater I’ve ever seen, that’s a Cosby sweater.
[Imitating Cosby]
A Cosssssssby sweater. Did Laura let you leave the house like that?


Personal Favorite. Hello Ferris Beuller.

At least the name of the place is honest! :rofl:

And I was impressed at how many were sold! At least there is a home for these orphans. .