Looking for tank top pattern

Preferably online, preferably free :smiley:

I’m looking for a tank top pattern for some ribbon thread I have. The label says 4 st = 1" on #11s, so it’s pretty thick. It’s not wool - I guess it’s some type of synthetic. It’s bright sunny yellow, not verigated.

I am looking for a tank top pattern that:

  1. one can wear a bra under
  2. has a scoop or v neck (and back)
  3. is not cropped (e.g., maybe 15" from the bottom to the armhole)
  4. is more hourglass than boxy fit
  5. isn’t too hard.

I have about 700y of the ribbon yarn.

Any suggestions?



Try here:

or, there are a zillion patterns here:

Not sure if it meets all the criteria, but I love this one:

Katia Portofino tank

Those patterns are awesome! Thanks! The whitelies design one has the wrong gauge (altho I would love to try the short row thing) but the adriana looks like it will work. And the Katia Portofino tank is sooo sexy! :inlove:

I’ll have to try some rows out and see how it looks. I’m working with a ribbon yarn.

Thanks again,


Hey, I just spotted this one: http://chicknits.com/boat.html . I hope you find what you’re looking for. :XX:

oops! just fixed this so the link actually works!

this is a cool tank