Looking for Sweater Pattern to Make with Rowan Calmer

Bought a bunch of Rowan Calmer to make a summer sweater (the ballet t-shirt sweater in Loop-d-Loop book) but got 1/3 the way through it and realized I didn’t like the style. But love the yarn.

Anyone out there have pattern suggestions for a different sweater pattern?

Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

Were you wanting another summer type sweater (guessing with Calmer being a mostly cotton yarn, you would)?

I just suggested Tempting and Tempting II to someone (although I haven’t knit either myself), and I think they would be great summer sweaters. In fact Tempting II calls for Rowan Calmer.



How stetchy are tempting and tempting 2? Are the finished measurements when the ribbing is laid flat?

I think Kemp has made one of the Temptings. Tempting is in a 2 x 2 rib pattern, and Tempting II is a 1 x 1 rib…I don’t know which is stretchier.