Looking for super easy sweater pattern

Hi, I am going to try to venture out beyond scarfs, dish clothes, and baby booties…I am looking for a super easy sweater pattern. I don’t do cables yet (although I am looking forward to getting to that point). Any help would be great! Thanks, CarolinaGirl


I think these might help:


I hope it helps


If you’re willing to buy a pattern Knitting Pure and Simple patterns are very easy to follow. Most are top down with no seams!

#9724 was my first sweater. :wink:

Thank you so much for your help! I will try it out. :slight_smile:

How hard would it be to make tgis one longer, full length sweater.

Not too diff to make longer than the called-for 6" except you’d need to determine the repeat in the lace edging. If you want it to fall to hip or longer you’ll need to increase your COs (more multiples of the lace edge) and then work decs back to the orig numbers so you have some waist shaping/tapering. Otherwise it’d be too narrow (unless, with the single button you don’t mind the lower edge pulling open quite wide).


How do you order these? My LYS isn’t listed.

Wicked at zephyr is very easy and has little mini cables you can try… top down, no seams!

I’ve searched the Internet looking for a hooded shrug pattern, but haven’t had much luck. Anybody know of one? TIA.

I think I will play with the numbers on paper and see what I can come up with

A lot of places carry them. I got mine from One Fine Yarn. They shipped it very quickly. Other stores carry them as well. :thumbsup:

I agree with Jan, Pure and Simple are great patterns. If you run into problems you can email them questions and they even reply on Sundays. Their websit has store locater also.
I really like that Wicked sweater, but I also haven’t done cables, so that worries me. But it is cute.