Looking for Suggestions

Are any of you out there pattern stitch junkies? I’m getting to be one…

I’ve seen Vogue’s Stitchionery Vol 1 & 2 (absolutely awesome), but being unable to spend hours at Barnes & Noble looking through probably 200 or more books…

In YOUR experience, what are the best books out there for pattern stitch libraries? And why…

I’ve seen so many on Amazon & others & at my LYS, my head is spinning. Aren’t they all just duplicates of one another? I’d like to get something that pretty much COVERS it, even if it’s in 2 or 3 volumes.

Thanks for your input & suggestions! :wink:

Barbara Walker! I have her first Charted Knitting book, and it is a wealth of inspiration. Haven’t made the investment in her other books yet, but this one was so amazing, I’d guess the others are too, sight unseen.

Oh yeah, Barbara Walker for me too. I found a copy of her second book at a used bookstore for $1.75… wow!

Beautiful patterns and good instructions. Well worth the cover price.

I got a copy of 900 knitting stitch patterns copyright 1972 printed in France. I love that book! I got it from a yard sale for a nickel.

[size=3][/size]Would that I could find a bargain like these!

Ah well, I guess patience is the word…

900 patterns??? Now that’d keep me busy for quite a while!!! :lol:


Barbara Walker I, II, III, and IIII.

My DH is getting them for me for Christmas.
I check them out from the library all the time. I have one now :smiley: .

You can preview BW’s books at knipicks. :smiley: I’d recommend hers too. Good luck finding them.

I never heard of Barbara Walker before. I checked on Amazon.com and all of her books are around $30.00 each. I’ll keep my eyes open to take a look at one :shock: next time I’m in a book store. :XX:

Knitpicks has them for $27, which is a skein of yarn at least. :wink:

Iv’e never seen them in a book store, just the library.