Looking for sport socks

Hi everyone i am looking 2 make my son who plays football a pair of long sock for the game in cold weather. i was hoping to find a pattern that was easy and fast so i could making before our season starts. (sept) i would like the old baseball sock that were long and had a elastic at the foot part it looked a legwarmer. I have tryed to make one pair and am having a hard time with it the first one. so if anyone could guide me. THis is my first time making socks. I’ve tried in the past and have failed. :?? :shrug:

any help would be great

I don’t think fast and socks belong in the same sentence. :?? :teehee: How long is long? Knee socks? What weight yarn do you want to use?

what about using the quidditch sock pattern from Charmed Knits?

I’m going to be making some for my son (he plays football as well, Lineman) and it gets COLD at some of his games!

just blew the knee. am think 4 medium worsted. Dont you think i dont want it to be to tight with his clets.

hey my son play linemen too. lilhuskyfootballmom did you start your socks? i tried making the one in the harry pottery book but it was to hard for me too follow.