Looking for something to make with your left over yarn?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum, so thought I would introduce myself and explain what I’m trying to do.

My name is Michelle and I live in Devon in England. I’m both a knitter and an egg cup collector and I’m getting married this October. To give the wedding a personal touch we are using egg cups with chocolate eggs in as wedding favours and what I’d really love is to have knitted or chocheted egg cosies to make it all perfect- just think it would give it a really unique, quirky touch.

Anyway, with all the other things I’m trying to organise (who knew there was so much!) and the fact that I’m not a quick knitter, I’m appealing for help! :knitting:

If anyone would like to use up their old scraps of yarn and help make an egg cosy for my wedding I would be so, so grateful! You would be doing me a huge favour and would help to make our big day extra special!

If you want to help I’ve posted full details here: weddingeggcosies.tumblr.com but feel free to PM me on here if you need to.

Sorry to have shamelessly appealed to you all in my very first post- I hope you don’t think badly of me! :help:

Many, many thanks!

Michelle x

I sent you an e-mail and will try to make one. My only request is to please post a picture of all of them here on KnittingHelp.

Best wishes in your new life!

Hi all,

I was talking to my mother in law to be today about having set this up and she was forced to tell me that she had been knitting them for us as a surprise! So thank you everyone for the very kind and supportive messages, but my mother in law has come to the rescue!
Sorry to have wasted your time and thanks for the support.

Best wishes,


Not a waste of time at all. What a great mother-in-law. All the very best to you.