Looking for some talented knitters/crocheters

I host a weekly web show called Stitch & Dish on MomTV. I am looking to interview some talented knitters/Crocheters to talk about the following subjects:

[li]embroidery on knitting or crochet work[/li][li]Designing 101[/li][li]Color work in knitting[/li][li]Color work in Crochet[/li][li]Filet Crochet[/li][li]Tunisian Crochet[/li][li]Hairpin lace[/li][li]Broomstick Lace[/li][li]Knitted and Crocheted Toys/Amigurumi[/li][li]Socks: Magic Loop[/li][li]Socks: Circs[/li][li]Socks: DPNs[/li][li]Socks: Crochet[/li][/ul]

If you have a webcam and would be interested in appearing on my show as a guest to talk about one of these topics, PLZ email me! knitpurlgurl[at]gmail[dot]com. I would really love to present some interesting guests. Also - if there is something that is NOT on the list that you’d be interested in talking about - please contact me a well! :flirt: