Looking for sleeper pattern

I would like to make a knitted sleeper overall for a baby. My husband had one as a baby but my mother-in-law doesn’t remember who made it. It had buttoned straps at the shoulders and a drawstring waist (which isn’t important), but the legs were footed. It sounds pretty simple, but I’m new. I can’t find anything online (I’ve tried KPC and google).
Does anyone have anything similar?
Thanks in advance

Couldn’t you modify an overall’s pattern so that it has footies. From your description, it sort of sounds like it would work.

I’m a newbie and there’s no way that I could modify a pattern (yet!). Maybe when I get a little better and more comfortable, but right now I really need to find a pattern for pretty much exactly what I’m looking for.
They are, though, just what you described…overalls with feet in them. I’m still searching and can’t find them. I’ve found some sleepers, but they have long sleeves - not straps. I’ve found overalls, but they have cuffs - not feet.
Thanks anyway.


here are a few to start looking at

i simply did a google search on nany bunting knitting pattern.

look on e bay as well as they normally have some great patterns for not much money


i haven’t had the chance to look through to see if any of these are doable as you are the same stage as me a beginer. but have a look

hope these help