Looking for Sirdar Snuggly Snowdrops Chunky Wool

Hi. I am looking to buy Sirdar Snuggly Snowdrops Chunky Wool in shade 0357 for my grandmother. She is knitting a cardigan for her first great granddaughter and is one ball short. We have checked every other avenue, but it just cannot be found. I am willing to pay any price, as I know it would mean the world to her to be able to finish the cardigan.

I know this says “not for sale,” but have you reached out to see if this Ravelry user is active and might sell?


Is this a bottom-up cardigan? How far into it did she get? Any chance she could make a contrasting yoke in the same yarn but a different colorway? Or do the sleeves in another colorway and use that contrasting color to add some duplicate-stitch or applique decoration to the body afterward, or some other creative change in the color, like gradual stripes that phase from one color to the other?