Looking for shoulder wrap, similiar to Vogue pattern

I checked out the “New” Vogue Knit Mag and feel head of heels for the wine red shoulder wrap (victorian with lace bottom).

The probelm is that it is way over my head (for now, but not for long!! :happydance: )

In the interim (post expert knitter :smiley: ) Can anyone suggest something similiar, just not as complicated as the Vogue pattern.

If you haven’t seen the new issue, search for Vogue Knitting. The Photos are stunning. It’ll make you proud to be a knitter.

***Off subject --check out the new book out “Holiday Knits” Amazing–the photos are beautiful as well as the knitting.

i love holiday knits! I am carrying one of the hats around in my bag while i work on it right now and waiting for the supplies to come for one of the other patterns. very nice book!

Is it one of the ones on this page? If so…which one, I’ve not gotten my latest Vogue, I need to just get a subscription bc I LOVE this magazine!! I’m knitting one of the wraps from the last mag (well, it’s not on the needles, but will be done for winter…one can only hope :wink: )

I bet it’s THIS ONE, becca.

Ive never seen anything like it…its GORGEOUS!

You may want to look through HERE and/or HERE for a similar “ponchette” type pattern…

Oh man, I mustve flipped through that magazine way too fast. I really like that one!

Thanks, KK, I’ve got to go get this Vogue and get my subscription sent off next payday!! I MUST have that wrap!! It won’t make it for this season (list is too long)…but I will have it in the future…that is STUNNNNNING :shock:

I seen that one while magazine browsing at wally world I didn’t get it and have been kicking myself every since… prolly means I’ll go back to get it :rofling:

Hi All!
[color=red]I’m brainstorming [/color]to come up with something comparable(sort of) to the beautiful wrap from [color=red]Holiday vogue Mag [/color]on page 93.[color=darkred] Wine colored wrap[/color], victorian style.

*** :thinking: My idea(so far) What if I create a small poncho using long retangle to create a wrap look. I thought I could a similiar cable pattern and add teh beautil cabbage roses to the front.

[color=blue]What do ya’ll think?[/color] do you think this will work? *** :thinking: Where can I find that particular cable (I’ve always loved this cable!). Or what is the name of the cable pattern used.

I know I’m sacrificing a lot of the original design–but, I’ve looked the pattern over (although I know how to do all the stitches) I think the number of repeats for a novice would be too over whelming.

I guess I could do a provisional cast on and add lace to the bottom edge if it’s needed to complete the look.

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

***Gosh, How do you ever get good enough to do a pattern like that----does it take many years of practice or inate ability. I’m and artist and my knitting ability lags behind my vision :wink:

[color=indigo]knitbebe [/color]

Knitbebe - I’m with you! A novice with expert taste :smiley: I have that magazine and the pattern was just way too much for me to even try and grasp right now during this holiday rush.

That’s why u do it after Christmas :wink: