Looking for Rhode Island Knitters - for Hospice patients

Beacon Hospice is currently looking for people in Rhode Island to Knit for Hospice patients. Lap blankets and Afghans give a warm a loving touch for our patients. They help keep them warm, comfortably and make there rooms a little more home like. For more information in Northern RI please call Susan Schank at (401) 438 - 0008 or email at sschank@beaconhospice.com, for information in the East Bay area please call Robin Barlow at (401) 438 -0008 or rbarlow@beaconhospice.com, and for information in Southern RI please call John DaSilva at (401) 884-3848 or jdasilva@beaconhospice.com.

I’ve spoken to Susan on the phone, and she sounds like a very nice person to work with.

Come on, Rhode Island knitters! Here’s your chance to knit for charity in your own state. :slight_smile: