Looking for red Malabrigo

I need some help finding a beautiful deep red Malabrigo. The exact colors are hard to determine on the computer monitor.


I have never found a red, that was red enough for me
but that is just me


Maybe that’s my problem. I love a rich red and I just don’t see one that strikes me.

I saw some lovely red Manos del Uruguay the other day, it had varying shades of red through out. I don’t know if it would meet your specifications but the yarn is similar to Malabrigo and you might consider looking at it.

I made a lovely scarf out of the colorway “sealing wax” you might want to try that one

Sealing wax really is an appealing color, when I was choosing my malabrigo colors, I couldn’t really decide, but sorry for you, I didn’t choose any red colors,…
And all the other colors that I chose already found some project, except one (Autumn something…)

I bought two skeins of sealing wax, and the red is pretty rich. But you have to be careful with Malabrigo, every skein is different and you can have big differences even within the same dye lot. It’s pretty much impossible to tell you exactly what color you will get, especially if you order online. :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone. I ordered some from Yarnzilla. I can’t remember the name. My mom is giving it to me for Christmas so I had it sent to her house and I won’t see it until then. I think I am going to knit a Palindrome scarf.

My LYS has Sily Merino in gorgeous variegated rich reds.

[COLOR=Red][B]I adore red.[/B][/COLOR] I feel ya! I am always on the lookout for red…yarn, clothes, kitchen stuff. Red always attracts me.

Growing up, my mother’s kitchen was white and red. Today, my kitchen is also white with red accents.

Maybe that’s why I love red so much. Fond Memories down deep.

It’s my favorite color. If it comes in red I have it in red.