Looking for Readers Shawl Pattern

I saw a shawl pattern that is called a reader’s shawl. It looks slightly shaped over the shoulders and the ends are knit and folded up to form pockets. The only pattern I have been able to find so far is 40’s or 50’s (from the look of the model) and knit in Bulky yarn. I would like to make one from a much softer yarn, probably slightly heavier than sport but not the #5 Bulky the pattern I found calls for.

There’s several patterns with pockets. There’s one in Folk Shawls, others in Vogue Knitting on the Go, 24 hour Knitting projects, one in Knitter’s Magazine 69, Winter 2002 which is also in Scarves, a Knitters Dozen., and I found one here - http://www.lisaknits.com/misc.html though I’m not sure how to get the pattern. Most of the book should be able to be found in a library, or requested on loan. I think there’s one in an old Reader’s Digest Book of patterns too.

I found one on this site, scroll down to see it. It calls for an aran weight…you could prolly use the pattern you have and change the weight and needle that you use. :thumbsup:

This one is a free pattern on ravelry and used to be a free knitpicks download. If you’re interested but not on ravelry, let me know.

Very close to what I am looking for. Not on Ravelry. If you have the pattern I would really appreciate it. I will also check out knitpicks! Thank You,

will check out my local yarn shop for that pattern. Thank You!