Looking for Pretty Stitch Markers

I would like to buy some pretty stitch markers and I thought I’d check here on the forum to see of anyone of you make them and have them for sale. I’d rather give a member the business if possible.


I have stitch markers for sale in my etsy shop :teehee:

stitch markers

If you look inside my shop and click on stitch markers on the right hand side you will see more stitch markers. I also make stitch markers to raise money for American Heart Association Research as well.

I also make many other designs. If you pm me with an idea or your fave color I can whip up something customly made for you. Jenelle another kh member on here uses my stitch markers and says she loves them :teehee:

I have some red dress markers for sale a couple of posts down. :wink:

I also make other styles. LMK what you are looking for and colors.

amy in ne

I’ve got a bunch over on my site, just click on “Stitch Markers” in the sidebar. I can also do custom work. :slight_smile:


I have a passion for crosses, love sterling silver and clear crystal. Hearts are second on my list of favs.

Chrisitina, I can get to your website but the stitch marker pictures don’t show up :frowning: I can access all your other pictures).

Thanks everyone for responding! :slight_smile:

oooh… im gonna be purchasing lottsss of stitch markers today I think

I’m fixing all the pics right now, so it will be ready as soon as my slow DSL uploads. Thanks for letting me know they weren’t working! I haven’t been checking anything regularly since the big move to Montana. :wall: